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The Comparative Primatology Lab, directed by Dr. Jason Kamilar, investigates primate behavior, ecology, and evolution using an integrative and comparative approach. 

We are part of the Anthropology Department and

the Graduate Program in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at UMass Amherst. In addition, Jason is one of the co-Director's of the Kasanka Baboon Project

The Lab adheres to the University of Massachusetts Amherst Sexual Harassment Policy. Also, we strongly support the University's Diversity Plan, and the AABA's Statement on Race and Racism, and strive to create an antiracist society. 


August 2023

Welcome new Postdocs Jacob Feder and Sharmi Sen!

July 2023

Our new paper on human mean age at menarche is now published at the American Journal of Human Biology.

June 2023

We are searching for a postdoc! Find more info here.

May 2023

Congrats to Catie Kitrinos for receiving a NSF DDRIG grant to support her research on microbial transmission between straw-colored fruit bats and Kinda baboons at Kasanka National Park! 

May 2023

Congrats to Siddhi Bramhe for completing her undergraduate honors thesis!

March 2023

Check out our new article on human sweat gland variation in the American Journal of Biological Anthropology!

Dec 2022

Congrats to Catie Kitrinos for receiving a Leakey Foundation grant supporting her dissertation research: "“Bats, baboons, and berries: Microbial transmission at Kasanka National Park”!

July 2022

Check out our new paper on primate hair microbiomes, published in mSystems!

May 2022

Our new paper on Kinda baboon behavior is published in Animal Behaviour! And congrats to Arya Kunaparaju for successfully completing his undergraduate honors thesis!

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