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Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Student co-authors are indicated by an asterisk preceding their name

2024 & In Press

Rowan J, Du A, Lundgren EJ, Faith JT, Beaudrot L, Campisano CJ, Joordens J, Lazagabaster IA, Locke EM, Smail IE, Reed KE, Kamilar JM. 2024. The biogeographic context of hominin evolution in the East African Rift System. Nature Ecology and Evolution. pdf

*Rulu P, Bertone-Johnson ER, Kamilar JM, Dhall M, Sievert LL. In press. Chronic stress, social support, and symptoms at midlife. Is there a buffering effect? American Journal of Biological Anthropology. 

*Rulu P, Bertone-Johnson ER, Kamilar JM, Dhall M, Sievert LL. 2024. Midlife symptoms and household stress are associated with fingernail cortisol. Menopause 31: 116-122.


Best A, Lieberman D, Gerson A, Holt B, Kamilar JM. 2023. Variation in human functional eccrine gland density and its implications for the evolution of human sweating. American Journal of Biological Anthropology 181:379–391.

*Gold CL, *Kitrinos C, Sievert LL, Kamilar JM. 2023. Mean age at menarche and climate variables on a global scale. American Journal of Human Biology 35: e23961.

Montalvo V, Sáenz-Bolaños C, Cruz J, Kamilar JM, Carrillo E, Fuller T. 2023. Camera trap site placement effect on dry forest wildlife photo rates in northwestern Costa Rica: Further implications for jaguar (Panthera onca) camera trap studies. Wildlife Society Bulletin.

*Tapanes E, Kamilar JM, *Nukala M, Irwin MT, Bradley BJ. 2023. Melanism in a wild sifaka population: Darker where cold and fragmented. International Journal of Primatology 44: 74–93.


*Kitrinos C, *Bell RB, Bradley BJ, Kamilar JM. 2022. Hair microbiome diversity within and across primate species. mSystems 7: e00478-22. pdf

Schneider-Crease I, *Weyher AH, Mubemba B, Kamilar JM, Petersdorf M, Chiou KL. 2022. Stronger maternal social bonds and higher rank are associated with accelerated infant maturation in Kinda baboons. Animal Behaviour 189: 47-57.

*Tapanes E, Jacobs RL, Harryman I, Louis EE, Irwin MT, Kamilar JM, Bradley BJ. 2022. Hair phenotype diversity across Indriidae lemurs. American Journal of Biological Anthropology 178: 257–272. preprint


*Bell RB, Bradley BJ, Kamilar JM. 2021. The evolutionary ecology of primate hair color: A phylogenetic approach.  Journal of Mammalian Evolution 28: 911–927. view pdf

Kamilar JM and Beaudrot L. 2021. Quantitative methods for primate biogeography and macroecology. Spatial analysis in field primatology: Applying GIS at varying scales. CA Shaffer, F Dolins, JR Hickey, NP Nibbelink, L Porter, eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 383-402. proof

*Tapanes E, Kamilar JM, Bradley BJ. In press. Molecular and cellular processes of pelage pigmentation and growth in primate evolution. Evolutionary Cell Processes in Primates: Genes, Skin, Energetics, Breathing, and Feeding. MK Pitirri, JT Richtsmeier, eds. New York: Taylor and Francis/CRC Press.

*Wuesthoff E, Fuller TK, Sutherland C, Kamilar JM, Ramanankirahina R, Rakotondravony R, Rouse S, Radespiel U. In press. Differential habitat use by sympatric species of mouse lemurs across a mangrove–dry forest habitat gradient. Journal of Mammalogy 102: 1266-1278.


Godfrey LR, Samonds KE, *Baldwin J, Sutherland MR, Kamilar JM, Allfisher K. 2020. Mid-Tertiary climate change and extinction in Madagascar and their bearing on the evolution of Madagascar’s lemurs. BMC Evolutionary Biology 20: 97. pdf

Rowan J, Beaudrot L, Franklin J, Reed KE, *Smail IE, *Zamora A, Kamilar JM. 2020. Geographically divergent evolutionary and ecological legacies shape large mammal biodiversity in the global tropics and sub-tropics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 117: 1559-1565. download

*Tapanes E,  Anestis S, Kamilar JM, Bradley BJ. 2020. Does facial hair greying in chimpanzees provide a salient progressive cue of ageing? PLoS ONE 15: e0235610. pdf


Baden AL, *Mancini AN, *Federman S, Holmes S, Johnson SE, Kamilar JM, Louis Jr. EE, Bradley BJ. 2019. Anthropogenic pressures drive population genetic structuring across a Critically Endangered lemur species range. Scientific Reports 9: 16276. pdf


*Best A, Lieberman DE, Kamilar JM. 2019. Diversity and evolution of human eccrine sweat gland density. Journal of Thermal Biology 84: 331-338. pdf

*Petersdorf M, *Weyher A, Kamilar JM, Dubuc C, Higham JP. 2019. Sexual selection in the Kinda baboon (Papio kindae). Journal of Human Evolution 135: 102635. pdf

*Vander Linden A, Hedrick BP, Kamilar JM, Dumont ER. 2019. Atlas morphology, scaling, and locomotor behavior in primates, rodents, and relatives (Mammalia: Euarchontoglires). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 185: 283–299. pdf


*Best A and Kamilar JM. 2018. The evolution of sweat glands in human and nonhuman primates. Journal of Human Evolution 117: 33-43. pdf


*Fuchs AJ, Gilbert CC, Kamilar JM. 2018. Ecological niche modeling of the genus Papio. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 166: 812-823. pdf

Kamilar JM and Beaudrot L. 2018. Effects of environmental stress on primate populations. Annual Review of Anthropology 47: 417-434. proof


Kamilar JM. 2017. Biogeography. The International Encyclopedia of Primatology. A Fuentes, ed. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons. pp. 98-101. pdf


Baden AL, *Webster TH, Kamilar JM. 2016. Resource seasonality and reproductive state predict fission-fusion dynamics in a Malagasy strepsirrhine, Varecia variegata. American Journal of Primatology 78: 256-279. pdf

Borries C, *Sandel AA, Koenig A, Fernandez-Duque E, Kamilar JM, *Amoroso CR, Barton RA, *Bray J, DiFiore A, Gilby IC, Gordon AD, Mundry R, Port M, *Powell LE, Pusey AE, *Spriggs A, Nunn CL. 2016. Transparency, usability, and reproducibility: Guiding principles for improving comparative databases using primates as examples. Evolutionary Anthropology 25:232-238. 

Kamilar JM, Blanco M, Muldoon KM. 2016. Ecological niche modeling of mouse lemurs and its implications for their species diversity and biogeography. Dwarf and Mouse Lemurs of Madagascar: Biology, Behavior and Conservation biogeography of the Cheirogaleidae. SM Lehman, U Radespiel, E Zimmermann, eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 449-461. proof

Kamilar JM and Tecot SR. 2016. Anthropogenic and climatic effects on the distribution of Eulemur species: An ecological niche modeling approach. International Journal of Primatology 37: 47-68. pdf

Kelley EA, Jablonski NG, Chaplin G, Sussman RW, Kamilar JM. 2016. Behavioral thermoregulation in Lemur catta: The significance of sunning and huddling behaviors. American Journal of Primatology 78: 745-754. pdf 

*Lazagabaster IA, *Rowan J, Kamilar JM, Reed KE. 2016. Evolution of craniodental correlates of diet in African Bovidae.  Journal of Mammalian Evolution 23: 385-396. pdf

Moore BA, Tyrrell LP, Kamilar JM, Collin SP, Dominy NJ, Hall MI, Heesy CP, Johnsen S, Lisney TJ, Loew ER, Moritz G, Nava S, Warrant EJ, Yopak KE, Fernandez-Juricic E. Structure and functions of regional specializations in vertebrate retinas. Evolution of Nervous Systems, 2nd edition, JH Kaas, ed. New York: Elsevier Publishers. pp. 351-372. google books 

*Rowan J, Kamilar JM, Beaudrot L, Reed KE. 2016. Strong influence of paleoclimate on the structure of modern African mammal communities. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283: 20161207. pdf

Kamilar JM, Beaudrot L, Reed KE. 2015. Climate and species richness predict the phylogenetic structure of African mammal communities. PLoS ONE 10: e0121808. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0121808. pdf

Kamilar JM and Tecot SR. 2015. Connecting proximate mechanisms and evolutionary patterns:  Pituitary gland size and mammalian life history. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28: 1997-2008. pdf


Anestis SF, *Webster TH, Kamilar JM, Fontenot B, Watts DP, Bradley BJ. 2014. AVPR1A variation in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): Population differences and association with behavioral style. International Journal of Primatology 35: 305-324. pdf

*Beaudrot L, Kamilar JM, Marshall AJ, Reed KE. 2014. African primate assemblages exhibit a latitudinal gradient in dispersal limitation. International Journal of Primatology 35: 1088-1104. pdf

Kamilar JM and Atkinson QD. 2014. Cultural assemblages show nested structure in humans and chimpanzees but not orangutans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 111: 111-115. pdf
Featured in Los Angeles TimesDer Spiegel OnlineScientific American Italian EditionGerman Public Broadcasting WDR5

Kamilar JM and Baden AL. 2014. What drives flexibility in primate social organization? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 68: 1677-1692. pdf

Kamilar JM, *Beaudrot L, Reed KE. 2014. Advances in primate community ecology research across spatial, temporal and phylogenetic scales. International Journal of Primatology 35: 1083-1087. 

Kamilar JM, *Beaudrot L, Reed KE. 2014. The influences of species richness and climate on the phylogenetic structure of African haplorhine and strepsirrhine primate communities 35: 1105-1121. International Journal of Primatology. 


Kamilar JM and *Beaudrot L. 2013. Understanding primate communities: Recent developments and future directions. Evolutionary Anthropology 22: 174-185. pdf

Kamilar JM and Cooper N. 2013. Phylogenetic signal in primate behaviour, ecology, and life history. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 368: 20120341. pdf

Kamilar JM, Heesy CP, Bradley BJ. 2013. Did trichromatic color vision and red hair color co-evolve in primates? American Journal of Primatology 75: 740-751. pdf

Tecot SR, Baden AL, *Romine N, Kamilar JM. 2013. Reproductive strategies and infant care in the Malagasy primates. In: Building Babies: Proximate and Ultimate Perspectives of Primate Developmental Trajectories, K Clancy, K Hinde, and J Rutherford, eds. New York: Springer Press. pp. 321-359. pdf


Cooper, N., Kamilar, J.M., Nunn, C.L. 2012. Host longevity and parasite species richness in mammals. PLoS ONE 7: e42190. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0042190. pdf

Hall, M.I., Kamilar, J.M., Kirk, E.C. 2012. Eye shape and the nocturnal bottleneck of mammals. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279: 4962-4968. pdf
Featured in Academic Minute on Northeast Public RadioScience Daily

Kamilar, J.M. and *Marshack, J.L. 2012. Does geography or ecology best explain ‘cultural’ variation among chimpanzee communities? Journal of Human Evolution 62: 256-260. pdf

Kamilar, J.M., Muldoon, K.M., Lehman, S.M., *Herrera, J.P. 2012. Testing Bergmann’s rule and the resource seasonality hypothesis in Malagasy primates using GIS-based climate data. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 147: 401-408. pdf

*Moore, B.A., Kamilar, J.M., Collin, S.P., Bininda-Emonds, O.R.P., Dominy, N.J., Hall, M.I., Heesy, C.P., Iwaniuk, A.N., Johnsen, S., Lisney, T.J., Loew, E.R., *Moritz, G., Nava, S., Warrant, E.J., Yopak, K.E. and Fernandez-Juricic, E. 2012. A novel method for comparative analysis of retinal specialization traits from topographic maps. Journal of Vision 12: 13. doi:10.1167/12.12.13. pdf

Pointer, M.A., Kamilar, J.M., *Warmuth, V., Chester, S.G.B., Delsuc, F., Mundy, N.I., Asher, R.J., Bradley, B.J. 2012. Runx2 tandem repeats and the evolution of facial length in placental mammals. BMC Evolutionary Biology 12: 103. doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-103. pdf

Tecot, S.R., *Baden, A.L., *Romine, N., Kamilar, J.M. 2012. Infant parking and nesting, not allomaternal care, influence Malagasy primate life histories. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 66: 1375-1386. pdf


Hall, M.I., Kirk, E.C., Kamilar, J.M., Carrano, M.T. 2011. Comment on “Nocturnality in dinosaurs inferred from scleral ring and orbit morphology”. Science 334: 1641. pdf
Featured in Smithsonian Magazine's Dinosaur Tracking Blog

Heesy, C.P., Kamilar, J.M., Willms, J. 2011. Retinogeniculostriate pathway components only scale with orbit convergence in primates and not other mammals. Brain, Behavior, and Evolution 77: 105–115. pdf

Kamilar, J.M. and Bradley, B.J. 2011. Countershading is related to positional behavior in primates. Journal of Zoology 283: 227-233.pdf, cover image
Featured in 
Why Evolution is True

Kamilar, J.M. and Bradley, B.J. 2011. Interspecific variation in primate coat color supports Gloger’s rule. Journal of Biogeography 38: 2270–2277. pdf

Kamilar, J.M. and *Ledogar, J.A. 2011. Species co-occurrence patterns and dietary resource competition in primates. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 144: 131-139. pdf

Wheeler, B.C., Bradley, B.J., Kamilar, J.M. 2011. Predictors of orbital convergence in primates: A test of the snake detection hypothesis of primate evolution. Journal of Human Evolution 61: 233-242. pdf
Featured in Smithsonian Magazine


Kamilar, J.M., Bribiescas, R.G., Bradley, B.J. 2010. Is group size related to longevity in mammals? Biology Letters 6: 736-739. pdf

Kamilar, J.M. and *Guidi, L.M. 2010. The phylogenetic structure of primate communities: Variation within and across continents. Journal of Biogeography 37: 801-813. pdf

Kamilar, J.M. and Muldoon, K.M. 2010. The climatic niche diversity of Malagasy primates: A phylogenetic approach. PLoS ONE 5: e11073. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0011073. pdf


Kamilar, J.M. 2009. Environmental and geographic correlates of the taxonomic structure of primate communities. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 139: 382-393. pdf

Kamilar, J.M. 2009. Interspecific variation in primate countershading: Effects of activity pattern, body mass, and phylogeny. International Journal of Primatology 30: 877–891. pdf

Kamilar, J.M., *Martin, S.K., Tosi, A.J. 2009. Combining biogeographic and phylogenetic data to examine primate speciation: An example using cercopithecin monkeys. Biotropica 41: 514-519. pdf

Pontzer, H. and Kamilar, J.M. 2009. Great ranging associated with greater reproductive investment in mammals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 106: 192-196. pdf
Featured in United Press International


Kamilar, J.M. and Paciulli, L.M. 2008. Examining the extinction risk of specialized folivores: A comparative study of colobine monkeys. American Journal of Primatology 70: 1-12. pdf

Kamilar, J.M. and *Pokempner, A.A. 2008. Does body mass dimorphism increase male-female dietary niche separation? A comparative study of primates. Behaviour 145: 1211-1234. pdf


2006 and earlier
Kamilar, J.M. 2006. Geographic variation in savanna baboon (Papio) ecology and its taxonomic and evolutionary implications. In: Primate Biogeography, S.M. Lehman and J.G. Fleagle, eds. New York: Springer Press. pp. 169-200. pdf

*Ossi, K.M. and Kamilar, J.M. 2006. Environmental and phylogenetic correlates of Eulemur behavior and ecology (Primates: Lemuridae). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 61: 53–64. pdf

Kamilar, J.M. and *Roehrdanz, N. 2005. Old World monkeys. In: Encyclopedia of Anthropology, H.J. Birx, ed. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

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