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Primate Behavior
Offered most fall semesters

This is an upper level undergraduate course. It explores the diversity of nonhuman primates in relation to their natural habitats. Several topics will be covered including feeding ecology, life history, conservation, female-female relationships, and cognition. 

Statistics in Anthropology Using R
Offered most spring semesters

This is an introductory statistics course that covers research design, data organization, and data analysis using descriptive and inferential statistics. The class also serves as an introduction to R.

Advanced Primate Ecology and Evolution
Offered occasionally

This is a graduate level seminar focusing on understanding advanced concepts and methods in primate behavior, ecology, and evolution. Topics will include life history variation, community ecology and biogeography, and visual system diversity. 

Advanced Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
Offered occasionally

This is a graduate level seminar providing students with experience analyzing data in the R computing environment. Meetings will consist of lectures, discussion of the reading material, and working with data. Students will conduct an original project that is suitable for presentation at a professional conference and/or publication in a peer reviewed academic journal. Many topics will be discussed including allometry, linear models, ordination methods, phylogenetic comparative methods, spatial statistics, and mixed models.

Human Origins &

This is a 100 level undergraduate course that introduces students to biological anthropology. Topics of discussion include: genetics and evolution, primate behavior and evolution, human biological variation, and hominin diversity and evolution. Two meetings per week are lecture and one is a discussion section with a teaching assistant.

Additional Courses

I have taught a wide variety of courses in the past, including Primate Conservation, Primate Biogeography, Primate Community Ecology, and Primate Evolution. I may offer some of these courses in future years.

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