Jason Kamilar


Primate behavior, ecology, and evolution

Editor-in-Chief, Evolutionary Anthropology


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Email: jkamilar (at) umass.edu

Twitter: @jasonkamilar

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Rachel Bell

Doctoral Student

Dissertation Title: Ecological factors affecting the hair and gut microbiomes of three lemur species at Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve.

Email: rbbell (at) umass.edu

Twitter: @primate_eco_evo

Amanda Fuchs

Doctoral Student

Dissertation Title: The effects of food and water on Kinda baboon movement ecology and gut microbiome diversity.

Email: afuchs (at) umass.edu

Twitter: @MandyMonkey02


Laura Haynes

Doctoral Student

Primatology, conservation

Email: lkhaynes (at) umass.edu

Twitter: @haynesklaura


Catherine Kitrinos

Doctoral Student

Dissertation Title: Bats, baboons, and berries: Microbial transmission at Kasanka National Park.

Email: ckitrinos (at) umass.edu

Twitter: @CatieKitrinos

Anna Weyher

Doctoral Student

Dissertation Title: The behavior and ecology of Kinda baboons (Papio kindae) at Kasanka National Park, Zambia.


Email: aweyher (at) umass.edu

Website: kasankababoonproject.com

Twitter: @KindaCamp


Thomas Wilson

Doctoral Student (co-advised with Todd Disotell)

Primate genetics, coloration, ecology

Email: tcwilson (at) umass.edu

Andrew Zamora

Doctoral Student

Dissertation Title:  Socio-genomic evolution of sifakas (Propithecus).

Email: azamora (at) umass.edu

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Siddhi Bramhe

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Major: Microbiology

University of Massachusetts Amherst


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Sneha Magesh

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Major: Biology

University of Massachusetts Amherst


Other Current and Recent Collaborators

Brenda Bradley, George Washington University

John Rowan, University at Albany

Kenny Chiou, Arizona State University

India Scheider-Crease, Arizona State University

Megan Petersdorf, New York University

Benjamin Mubemba, Copperbelt University

Andrea Baden, Hunter College

Stacey Tecot, University of Arizona

Kaye Reed, Arizona State University

Lydia Beaudrot, Rice University

Tim Webster, University of Utah

Gina Agostini, Midwestern University

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John Rowan, University at Albany

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Gina Agostini, Midwestern University

Andrew Best, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

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Kalista Creighton Ahouse

Arya Kunaparaju

Rebecca Leduc

Alyse Maksimoski

Cal Miller

Jesse O'Neill

Devon Thurston